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Presenter Rob Alton

I am a trade show presenter / corporate spokesperson for companies at trade shows, meetings, conferences and exhibitions. I apply the presentation skills and training that I have developed over 10 years in the industry, to creatively communicate key information, generate interest and increase traffic in the exhibit booth. I am highly computer skilled and 'demo-friendly.'

I have had the pleasure of working for some of the computer industries top Fortune 500 companies. I presented for Intel when they were first introducing their pentium chip and for Digital Equipment Corp. at Comdex when their Alpha chip was the world's fastest processor. I've pitched for Hewlett Packard and France Telecom at Networld+Interop speaking about multi vendor lan-to lan networking, frame relay set-up and network monitoring. I've worked for Broadband Technologies at SuperComm extolling the virtues of their network products and strategies. I introduced the Airloop video conferencing technology for Lucent at CTIA. I've developed network cabling solutions at N+I for Nordex/CDT. I debuted Citrix's Winframe product, the first telecomputing platform for enterprise networks. I presented for Telco Systems for several years at ComNet informing those in attendance about their broadband, network access and bandwidth optimization solutions.

I have traveled all over the US giving 2 ½ hour seminar/lectures for Cisco Systems presenting their Assure Policy Networking Tour which criss-crossed the country in both big and small markets. I have given talks on: Voice Data Integration, Network Solutions for Mid-Sized Businesses, Cisco Assure Policy Networking (enabling business applications through intelligent networking), Scaling the Internet and Lan/Wan Integration.

I have presented and "demo-ed" the world's easiest relational database for FileMaker Pro (formerly Claris) at MacWorld and Comdex. I presented and demonstrated Visio Corporation's highly technical engineering programs: Visio Enterprise and Visio Professional at PC Expo and N+I. I've pitched WatchGuard Technologies' firebox security solutions at several industry Internet and Network shows.

Two of my favorite non-computer/technology clients have been Heidelberg and Philips Medical Systems. I have presented for Heidelberg for 8 years representing their Web Press Division. Philips Medical Systems has also been a fascinating client for the past 4 years. My focus with them has been primarily in Radiology and Cardiology.

Click the links below to watch my trade show reel or read my resume and client list. If your company has a display at an upcoming trade show or marketing event and is seeking an experienced, credible, professional presenter to compliment and underscore your message, please contact me.

Presenting for Heidelberg at Graph Expo

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