I first became interested in vintage fountain pens in the late 80's, when I was touring in Europe with the Broadway musical Evita. In Hamburg, I had the good fortune to meet Osman Sümer (renown repairman, dealer and authority on vintage Montblancs) who has since become my good friend and pen mentor. I collect and appreciate other companies pens, as well; but for me, Montblancs are supreme!

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Green Mottled push-button filler Montblanc #324 from the 1930's.


Parker Duofold Senior in Mandarin Yellow permanite

button filler from 1927-1928.


Blue Mottled piston filler Montblanc #333 1/2 from the 1930's.


BHR Montblanc lever filler #2 from the 1920's.


RHR Swan Eternal #46 lever filler

from the 1920's.


Montblanc Meisterstück #L30 Pearl & Black Mottled

push-knob filler from the 1930's.


Waterman #452 Silver Filigree Overlay lever filler from the 1920's.




Conklin BHR Crescent Filigree G.F. Overlay, ca. 1917.


Chilton Turquoise (blue & gold) pump filler with #4 size nib

from the 1930's (slip-on silver clip is a

"Made in Paris" Waterman's.)